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Inclusive Opportunities

We Offer A Bespoke Daytime & Evening Service

We offer a bespoke daytime and evening service designed to cater for all needs. We design individual specific inclusive activities that will promote independence, confidence, develop new skills, and achieve aims, dreams and ambitions for all our residents and service users.

We offer individual and group activities including Personal, Social, Health & Economics Education (PSHE), music therapy, animal therapy, photography, pamper days and more as

We encourage individuals to be active, valued community inclusive citizens and take part in opportunities that support and help the community too.

As part of our activities of choice, we build in learning plans developed by the manager of our Inclusive Opportunities who is a special needs teacher.

Sessions are designed to develop sensory awareness, increase concentration span, develop fine and gross motor skills, hand & eye coordination, communication skills and relaxation. Sessions include pottery, messy hands and feet art, colour therapy, tactile therapy, touch screen computer, music therapy including drumming workshops, small animal interactive sessions with snakes, rabbits, birds of prey etc, (external animal expert)

Daily pamper sessions are held for facials and nails. Hand and foot spas, massages are offered daily. These sessions are particularly effective to allow an individual to get used to being touched to accept nail cutting.

We Hold Exercise And Well-Being Classes

Staying healthy is important to us all. 

We hold lots of  free exercise and well being classes and  opportunities with:

Mondays Clubbercise with Nicole/Tom

Rambling with IO/places of historic/ educational/heritage interest such as The National Space Centre,

Wednesdays Swimming at Hinckley Leisure Centre Wednesday ( LH enjoys this)

Stretch & Relax with Lucy

Meditation with Lucy

Thursday -Sports & Fitness: Football, tennis, rounders basketball with coaches: Dan, Matt & Shaun at clarendon Park during he summer months

Healthy eating, weigh-in and BP check on Thursdays

Friday Zumba with Zumba Jo is Wild at Trinity vicarage hall Friday pm – (AS and RW Loves these sessions


Free sessions specifically for staff are held on

Mondays 4.30 step aerobics

Wednesdays 4pm aerobics and yoga

‘Bang the Gong’ Daily 15 minute sessions Monday to Friday at 2pm


We have a computer suite and offer 1-1 sessions to be able to access the Internet, play games both fun and educational and create artwork that can be printed. We support individuals through colleges courses and volunteering.

Want to develop your techy skills?

We can teach you - just give us a call :)

We Have A Garden Project and an Allotment

We have a garden project running 3 days per week offering meaningful work opportunities.

Learn how to use a jet wash, mow grass, trim the hedges, plant flowers, pull the weeds and generally tidy gardens for the most vulnerable people in our local community. 

Would you like to be part of this? Give us a call! 

Grow Your Own organic veg!

We also have an allotment in Barwell where you can have your own plot and Grow Your Own!

Sports & Fitness

We have our very own Sports and Fitness Coach Dan Southwell :)

Here to develop the fitness of everyone within our company!

We have a 5 aside staff football team ready to compete against other teams. Up for it? 

Social Skills, Learning & Development

‘’Learning and developing new skills is a part of who we are to progress as people. We will encourage you to develop these skills and ensure you consider activities that suit your needs to achieve your goals, dreams and ambitions. We will guide you not only as carers and supporters, but also to make good decisions with positive risk taking.

We understand that not all things in life go to plan and there may be some hiccups along the way, but don’t worry - we’ve got it covered. Trial and error is also a stepping stone every person comes across in their life.

We are here to support you through your experiences. There are no mistakes in life – just lessons to be learned. We can support you, overcoming hurdles together.


Through our years of expertise, knowledge, positive approach and willingness to improve your life, we are certain that in our care, you will thrive to be who YOU want to be’’

Friendship & Fun

On Wednesdays 5.30-7.30 we offer sessions that promote making friends and socialising:

Wednesday club night includes disco’s, karaoke, lipsync competitions 3 monthly with staff dressing up and joining, singo bingo, quiz nights, seasonal themed nights, and world cultural nights – celebrations with flags, costumes and food tasting.  (Diwali, Chinese new year, Hanukkah, Easter, Thanks giving etc)

Thursday tea time 5.30 -6.30 Health session weigh in’s, BP monitoring and discussion around healthy eating and exercise are offered.


Our IO offers several day trips per week, as well as bespoke sessions for individuals throughout the week. World celebration days are recognised each day and celebrated.


We have a freecycle area with rails of clothing and small household goods. Anyone can select donated items of clothing, shoes, bags, jewellery etc with no charge.


Our sessions are open to all people with a learning disability and free except the Wednesday club (£4)

For more information:

"We serve to benefit our people with activities and opportunities that allow them to progress and live  a happy and fulfilled life"


(Personal, Social, Health & Economics Education)

We focus on developing the knowledge, skill and attributes to keep our service users healthy and safe and build on their life skills. PSHE education is defined to promote the development and growth as individuals and as members of families and social and economic communities. The goal is to equip our people with the knowledge, understanding, attitudes and practical skills to live healthy, safely, productively and responsibly.

How can we do this?

By providing opportunities, activities and experiences for our service users that allow them to grow, develop, have choices, lead a healthy and happy lifestyle and contribute to the local community and the wider world in a positive way.

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