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Floating Support Services

One or several visits a day

We Can Support You In Your Own Home

We can support you in your own home from one hour a week to what ever you require to allow you to live as safely and independently as possible. Following a comprehensive assessment determining your needs, we will compile a Person Centred Profile and will:   
Support you to manage your finances and budget weekly and help prevent debt, help you to compile your shopping lists, take you shopping, and food preparation. We will help you organise your domestic chores including cleaning, washing ironing etc. 

Keeping You Safe And Healthy

We provide personal care where necessary. We will manage your health needs and implement any proactive behaviour plans.

Creating a Health Action Plan of your health needs along with individualised support plans and risk assessments in order for you to achieve optimum health and well being and free from suffering. 

We carry out positive risk taking and promote independence ensuring you live a successful, happy, fulfilled lifestyle.

"We welcome feedback from service users, their friends, relatives, advocates and professionals and operate a comprehensive Quality Assurance System carrying out regular surveys making immediate changes where required. We will respond to complaints and concerns immediately and improve the quality of the services as a result."

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