About Our Service

We have been successful Provider's for 25 years previously owning Jubilee Villa Ltd, Skills For Living Ltd and Bright Avenues Ltd.

With a wealth of experience, knowledge and qualifications, and an excellent reputation amongst health and social care professionals across the county, our aim continues to provide excellent, individualised care, with highly skilled and trained staff.  

We are Caring: Our staff are compassionate, caring and patient and will treat you with respect and dignity.

We are Safe: We protect and safeguard all in our care. Our policies are robust and effective.

We are Effective: We ensure everyone in our care receives the correct support at the right time. Individualised Person Centred Plans are created with the person at the heart of all planning. Promoting independence and enabling freedom of choice so you achieve good outcomes.

We are Responsive: We are organised and respond to all through all lines of communication. Including if we receive issues or causes for concern. Commendations are quickly passed to the appropriate staff who are rewarded through our incentive schemes.

We are well Led: The Provider's and managers demonstrate excellent leadership skills and run an open and transparent service. We value peoples opinions and listen to our service users. We focus on the continuing development our services for our services users, residents and staff, never losing sight of our philosophy, focus or aims.


Supported Living Services and Floating Support Services

We can help you to choose your own accommodation. Following a comprehensive assessment determining your needs, we will compile a Person Centred Profile and will:   
Support you to manage your finances and budget weekly and help prevent debt. 
Help you to compile your shopping lists, take you shopping, and food preparation. We will help you organise your domestic chores including cleaning, washing ironing etc. 
Provide personal care where necessary. Manage your health needs and implement any proactive behaviour plans.  
Create a Health Action Plan of your health needs along with individualised support plans and risk assessments in order for you to achieve optimum health and well being and free from suffering. 
We carry out positive risk taking and promote independence ensuring you live a successful, happy, fulfilled lifestyle.  

Heroic Care Ltd
Heroic Care Ltd

Residential Care Services

We operate a key worker system and each resident has three key workers who are responsible for the different aspects of the individuals needs. Even though complex requirements of care may lead to a higher degree of dependency, we stress the importance of building a trusting relationship to provide help and support whilst still encouraging the residents to maintain their own personal choices. To do this we person centred planning to ensure the residents have real opportunities, choice and control over their lives.

Our staff are trained and fully adept at providing the full range of care requirements for our residents. We emphasise the importance of having close working relationships with a wide team of health care professionals including: GPs, local hospitals, physiotherapists and occupational therapists, speech and language therapists, dietitians, psychologists, psychiatrists, and district and community nurses.

We provide waking night staff support throughout the night.


We have a holiday apartment in Mojacar, Andalusia, Spain accommodating up to 6 people at a time. There are lots of fun activities in Spain to join in with such as sailing, jet skiing, swimming at the Aqua Park and scuba diving. Or enjoy a relaxing stay experiencing the sights, sun, sea and sand! The apartment overlooks a golf course and situated within walking distance to the beach. 

We have also recently purchased a 4 birth motor home enabling everyone in our care to still enjoy having a holiday and have new experiences whilst restrictions are still in place.

Short Breaks

Currently we are offering short breaks in our motor home with opportunities to explore the UK and have a great holiday too! Our holidays are bespoke and ensure everyone has the best experiences and achieve their dreams. Our staff are fully insured to drive and utilise all the facilities onboard. For more information please contact Heroic Care on 01455 363121 or email us at contact@heroiccare.com

Our aims and objectives are to provide: Excellent service user outcomes, achieving optimum health and well-being. Person centred care and support and meet assessed needs in order for all in our care to be treated equally but as individuals recognising their diverse needs. And encourage all in our care to achieve their dreams wishes and ambitions. We have an excellent record of achieving the best service user outcomes and achieving optimum health and well-being.

Progression is really important to us - We encourage all of our Service Users and residents to become as skilled and independent as possible, ensuring that they feel part of their community and valued.

We intend to ensure everyone is involved in the planning and support for our service users – all stakeholders- relatives, professionals, advocates and friends. We intend to change the lives of our services for the better: promoting independence offering choice and new opportunities for personal development in order for them to achieve their full potential and live happy and healthy lives. All support plans are reviewed monthly and as needs change.

Training is of paramount importance to all our staff. Standards for our staff are based on the Skills For Care National Occupational Standards. It is recognised that in order to achieve maximum outcomes and best quality care, staff must be and are trained in the highest standard. Employees are supported in effective ways that enables healthy efficient staff, job satisfaction and good retention rates. Hold robust policies and implement effective administrative and care systems. We will ensure needs are reassessed and that annual reviews are carried out with the funding body.

Safeguard all in our care and work for the comprehensive welfare of our service

users and those in society as a whole. Ensure we are fit for purpose. We examine our systems, operations and procedures constantly to ensure that we are successfully achieving our stated aims and purposes. We welcome feedback from service users, their friends, relatives, advocates and professionals and operate a comprehensive Quality Assurance System carrying out regular surveys making immediate changes where required. We will respond to complaints and concerns immediately and improve the quality of the services as a result. We welcome feedback as a way of bettering the lives of others and our services. Compliments are feedback to staff and managers immediately. Provide quality services.

We are whole heartedly committed to providing top quality services and to continuous improvement to the level of the care we offer.

We will research for new experiences and opportunities to enrich the lives of the people we support.

We carry out regular managers meetings and regular staff meetings to ensure all staff are trained to carry out their duties effectively and responsibly and that all aspects and systems within the service are met.