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About Our Service


Our aims and objectives are to provide:

  • Excellent service user outcomes, progression and achieving optimum health and well-being.

  • A person centred approach to care and support, and meet assessed needs in order for all to be treated equally.

  • We recognise individuals diverse needs and protected characteristics, encouraging all in our care to achieve their dreams, wishes and ambitions.

  • We have an excellent record of maintaining the best service user outcomes and achieving optimum health and well-being for everyone.

We Are Caring


We are rated Outstanding with the Care Quality Commission.

Our staff are compassionate, caring and patient and will treat you with respect and dignity. Everyone we support is treated as an individual with their own tailored care plans and bespoke time table of activities.

All of your social, housing, and health needs will be met to ensure you live a happy, healthy life.


We Are Safe


We protect and safeguard all in our care.

We have comprehensive and robust policies to protect you and keep you safe.

As part of our mission to promote independence we carry out detailed risk assessments and encourage positive risk taking. Developing skills and talents allows for autonomy and progression. 

We Are Effective


We ensure everyone in our care receives the correct support at the right time. Individualised detailed Person Centred Plans are created with the person at the heart of all planning. These are reviewed monthly with the service user and family where possible.

Promoting independence and enabling freedom of choice - so you can achieve good outcomes realising your true potential.

We have a process that enables people to turn their lives around for the better - no matter how difficult your experiences have been, we can support you to move forward enriching your life.

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Are Responsive


We are organised and respond through all lines of communication including if we receive issues or causes for concern.

Commendations are quickly passed to the appropriate staff who are rewarded through our incentive schemes.

We Are
Well Led

well led.png

The Provider's and managers demonstrate excellent leadership skills and run an open and transparent service.

We are approachable, flexible and hands on.

We value peoples opinions and listen to our service users. We focus on the continuing development of our services for our Services Users, residents and staff, never losing sight of our philosophy, focus or aims.


Progression is really important to us - We encourage all of our service users and residents to become as skilled and independent as possible, ensuring that they feel part of their community and valued.

We intend to ensure everyone is involved in the planning and support for our Service Users, all stakeholders, relatives, professionals, advocates and friends - reviewing what's working and what's not working and making changes as needed.

Our intention is to change the lives of our service users for the better.

Promoting independence, offering choices and new opportunities for personal development. in order for them to

Our aim is for everyone including our employees to achieve their full potential and live happy and healthy lives. 

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