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Supported Living

How Does Supported Living Work?

Following assessments from Adult Social Care and ourselves:

Decisions are made with yourself, family, friends, ASC and ourselves around if you can live with others, share with another, or need to live alone. This will then determine how many hours support and staffing levels you require.

Some people share staff support with others. Some require 1:1 support. Some people may require 2:1 support, or even 3:1 support.

Getting To Know You

We gather as much information as possible about you and create care plans including any positive behaviour support plans, risk assessments, a communication passport, a health action plan, a physical activities plan which are all put together to create a person centred folder which also has your history of life events, circle of support, likes and dislikes and any other important information for you and about you.

A programme of activities is designed especially with and for you, with a learning programme alongside it that encourages progression in every aspect of your life.

Giving You The Right Home And Staff Support

You can be involved in the selection of staff who will be supporting you. These staff will be trained to know and understand all of your needs. We can support you to find the right home for you. Once you are happy with your home, on moving in, you become a tenant. If you have someone who is responsible for supporting you with claiming benefits that’s great! If not we can help you claim housing benefit and all others benefits if you have no-one to help you with your finances. Our manager Josh Henry will help you with this.

Our service user finance manager Becci Fitzpatrick can assist and support you to manage your food and utility bills.

Promoting Your Independence

On a day-to-day basis staff will support you to keep your home clean and tidy and report any maintenance issues.

Staff will support you with supermarket shopping and creating nutritious meals. Whether requiring guidance, supervision or full assistance you will be supported as required whilst promoting your independence to live in your own home.


Staff will ensure they have respect for your dignity, promote rights and choices, and recognise respect protected characteristics.

"We will ensure that you live a fulfilled life and achieve your aims dreams and ambitions!"

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