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Jess Story


Brian has been under the care and support of Heroic Care Ltd for the past five years. Demonstrating remarkable independence and a diverse skill set, Brian, who possesses a mild learning disability and autism, previously held a notable 22-year tenure at The Co-Op in Ibstock, which unfortunately came to an end due to alterations in the bus service. 

This transition represented a significant challenge and loss for Brian, intensifying the stress associated with the process. Maintaining his commitment to continued employment, Brian, with the assistance of Heroic Care, successfully secured a suitable role within the organisation as a receptionist and expert by experience. 

In addition to vocational support, Brian receives guidance in managing his financial affairs, including understanding and establishing direct debits. His proficiency in saving and budgeting is commendable. 

A pivotal opportunity arose for Brian to purchase his council-owned residence, where he has resided for the past decade. Collaborating with Heroic Care's Benefit Administration Manager, Josh, they navigated the intricate process together. The initial step involved confirming Brian's eligibility to acquire the property, followed by the completion and submission of extensive paperwork. The subsequent property valuation by the council indicated the feasibility and affordability of the acquisition for Brian. 

Engaging a broker and lender, conducting a comprehensive survey, and completing all necessary checks ensued, culminating in a waiting period for final approval. Despite encountering obstacles such as obtaining the required ID, job changes, and securing paperwork from the DWP, Brian and Josh persevered through this transformative process. 

Today, Brian stands as a proud and fully-fledged homeowner. Reflecting on this achievement, he expresses, "I never thought I could own my own home; I feel very proud that I do and proud that I had saved my wages. It has taken a long time. Josh has been amazing and has been really helpful. I know Josh was there to help me." 

Heroic Care extends its heartfelt congratulations to Brian for this monumental accomplishment, and we share in the immense pride of witnessing his success. 

Jess's Story

Jess has done brilliantly. Having left residential college and moved into her own home with Heroic support staff. As part of her transition, Heroic Care staff supported her in her final months at college alongside the teaching staff. Jess is now very settled in her new home and enjoying life with lots of new experiences including going on holidays, camping and day trips.

Sean's Story

Due to a set of circumstances, Sean was unable to continue to live in his residential home. Following assessments in a secure unit for numerous months, he was finally ready to move on to Supported Living. Since living in his own home with support staff caring for him 24/7, his health has improved greatly, he is less anxious, more relaxed and expressing his needs.

Hellen's Story

Following best interest meetings with her family, professionals and support staff, Hellen moved to her own home supported by staff 24/7. Hellen continues to flourish and has developed her independence, choosing all of her own furniture, carpets and decor to make it her special place to live in. Hellen has dealt with all of her health investigations around cancer amazingly. We are happy to say that she is cancer free. 

hellen story
Ashley's story


Ashley chose not to speak for a very long time. He moved into his own supported living home and with lots of encouragement by his support staff. He is now, a real happy chatterbox!


Ken has recently moved to his own flat from supported living. He has become extremely independent and only now requires minimal support from his workers.


Will has successfully conquered tongue cancer enduring a very intricate operation, followed by an intense course of radiotherapy. He is fit and well now.

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