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Heroic Care Quality Assurance Results Download

Dr. Kiana

Amelia saw Dr Kiani at The Agnes Unit in passing. Dr Kiani stopped and thanked Amelia again for Heroic Care helping him with his research project. He had already previously sent a complimentary email following the workshop, however he reiterated everything that was in the email personally. He said Heroic Care had been extremely supportive and helpful and he was very grateful. He was impressed with how it had been organised and how all the service users were very well supported and all very happy."

Community Nurse and SALT

Training by professionals for DB transitioning into Heroic Care. Sarah Rabbitte (LD Community Nurse), Jo Prosser (LD SALT), Sally Goadby (ASC PBS), all stated that the reason DB has been referred to Heroic Care is because they know he was flourish and he will have an excellent quality of life that he deserves. They said they know that Heroic Care are proactive in managing behaviours and will implement all of his communication tools and meet all of his health needs.


Mark Taylor (LD Community Nurse LPT) stated that on every occasion that he has visited C it has been clear that she is supported excellently and the relationship she has with her staff and management is extremely positive and their approach is ‘spot on’.

JLO Medication Review

Dr Kumar and Dr Gangivatis both reassured parents by saying that Heroic Care were extremely experienced, and they had no doubt that they are able to support JLO and meet all of his needs. Discussions were had about referring to Community Nursing, however Dr Kumar stated that there is nothing that a community nurse could do that Heroic Care could not as they are very proactive and knowledgeable.


During the MDT, Alison Coates (District Nursing Manager LPT) told Amelia Boulton and Lucy Hogg that they had restored her faith in care providers. Alison said that she could see they genuinely cared and were extremely passionate in advocating what is right for KP. She stated that this is something that she sadly does not see very often these days and that Heroic Care were providing an excellent service for KP.

Medication Review Dr. Kumar

During E's medication review Dr Kumar told E that she is with the best company for her. He explained that Heroic Care are truly knowledgeable and supportive. He said to E that this is showing in her now as the things she has been doing are fantastic and meaningful. He said that he was pleased to see her looking well and building positive relationships within Heroic Care.

Shane M Blackwell - Relative

"My youngest brother has had his ups and downs over the past couple of years with moving out of my parents house but Heroic Care were able to look past the initial challenges and see what we all see in the family, that my brother was struggling and had a good heart. Tom and his amazing team have turned my brothers health issues around. He is now so much more active, eating right, no longer on junk food daily and so much happier in himself. His general communication has also improved as well.


In short, all of my brothers needs are now either addressed or continued to be worked on. My entire family have commented on his overall change for the better and happy to finally see him being looked after as we had hoped. For those of you with similar cases and are lucky enough to be able to be supported by Heroic Care I'm sure you will echo my praise of the service we are able to get and how it’s like a breath of fresh air which was much needed and helps us all relax more knowing the future of our loved ones are in good hands. It is with a grateful heart that I write this small feedback to highlight the amazing service we are getting for our loved one and its with high hopes this continues. Thank you Tom and team, your services have not gone unnoticed"

Jill Thompson - Relative

"Heroic Care initially provided respite care for my grandson in his own home. Tom certainly stepped up to the mark and was really accommodating for the family's needs at a difficult time.


My grandson is now in supported living with Heroic and although he has only been there a short while, there have been noticeable improvements in his behaviour and self-confidence. He seems more relaxed and coping with his anxieties and fears in a much more controlled manner. I'm really impressed with the everyday things that my grandson has already achieved (things that we all take for granted but which are a huge challenge for him). A comprehensive care plan has been put in place for him and it all augers well for the future.


All the team are really caring and understanding, not only to my grandson but also to the whole family. They have gone out of their way and above the call of duty to help my grandson settle into his new life"


“A quality provision maintaining high standards with a difficult client group”

“I think the staff provide a professional, comfortable, clean and caring environment and strive hard to provide all types of sensory involvement. They are brilliant and I think this is reflected through out Transforming Lives and its occupants.”

“Good personalised care and compassionate staff”

"Pro-active and caring to all"

"Professionalism maintained at all times"

"Have always received quick and helpful contact"

SU Relative

“Our daughter has severe learning difficulties and is totally dependant on others for all her needs. On her behalf, we are 100% confident with her placement at Transforming Lives and the high standard of care given to her. We are delighted with how she has settled in and with how quickly the staff have come to understand and cope with her changeable behaviour. We know that her needs, whatever they are at any given moment, will be dealt with efficiently, professionally and with her best interest and safety in mind at all times."

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